The artist is not a person endowed with free will, who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realise its purposes through him. As a human being, he may have moods, and a will, and personal aims, but as an artist, he is “man” in a higher sense: He is “collective man”, a vehicle and moulder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind.

This quote doesn’t just apply to artists. It applies to anyone who sees the beauty in a sunset, who admires the perfection of a flower, who is captivated by the words of a poem, who delights in a beautiful piece of music. We all have the capacity to connect to art. The art that connects all of us in the endless, amazing rhythm of the universe and life. The truly great, timeless art pieces are those that tap into the collective consciousness of all people. When we respond to a piece of art, we are responding to the message of the collective consciousness.

I often use art in my therapy sessions. When asked to paint or draw something, so many people look horrified and say “I can’t paint (or draw)”, but I tell them it doesn’t matter whether they can or not. They can always use stick figures for people. The purpose of the art is to tap into the unconscious. And as a consequence of that process, there is a tapping in to the collective consciousness. What is produced is powerful and, in many cases, illuminating and even cathartic. It is the power of the unconscious mind being expressed.

I love the art that people create in my sessions. The paintings are powerful and beautiful. They express and release so much. Just painting without intention, just focusing on intuition to guide the art work, creates so much that is powerful and healing.

Art provides a different perspective. A way to view life differently. Art can release things a person didn’t realise were there. Art can heal. It doesn’t matter if no one else ever sees your art. It is beautiful.

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