“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi

The wound is the place where the light enters you

In the swirling darkness of trauma’s legacy, it seems nothing can every tame the uncontrollable tangle of emotions. It seems that the cries for help disappear into the darkness of trauma. You step out into the day, hoping today will be a good one. Hoping that there will be no triggers to send you back into that darkness. Hoping that today you will be able to be you. Fearing that you is actually this tangle of emotions when you want you to be this person who is able to function normally … most of the time.
You want the truth? You is the person who can function normally. There are also trauma networks in your brain that occasionally take over. When the right trigger presents itself. When they take over, there is no escaping them. You seem trapped, unable to stop the swirl of reactions taking over your body.
How do you get out of this darkness? How do you escape?
Rumi is quoted as having said that where we are wounded is where the light enters us. It is often that triggered reaction that is the source of healing. Taking that triggered reaction to a trauma qualified counsellor is a way to start disentangling and controlling those emotions. It is a way to take those trauma networks and change them from dead end streets you get stuck in into memories that no longer control you.
I have the training, experience and skills to help you.
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