What are you longing for?

There is a welsh word “Hiraeth” which means homesickness for a home you can no longer return to, or maybe never was. It is a yearning and grief for the lost places of your past.

Many people will report that feeling every now and then as they think about those they have loved who are no longer with them.

Grief does that.

Years after the event there are still days or moments of sadness. Something will happen to trigger the memories and you are back, feeling sad and longing for one more moment to spent with that person, or people, you loved.

Grief never ends.

You eventually learn how to live with the loss of your loved one. But you never stop grieving.

In reality, would you want to stop hurting? Would you want the love you had for that person to end? Because that is the only way to stop the hurt.

Love inevitably leaves the pain of grief when you lose the one you love.

Yes you miss that person.

Yes, you wish they could be here.

Yes, you know they can’t come back, but that doesn’t stop you wanting it all the same.

Sometimes you can get stuck on the journey to the place of Hiraeth and never reach it.

Life goes around and around in circles and you find yourself trapped in this limbo, unable to go back and not knowing how to move forward.

That longing you feel then is not Hiraeth. It is like being trapped in a nightmare with no end. In pain, but unable to move forward and learn how to live with that pain.

Sometimes it helps to seek the help of a counsellor who is experienced in grief counselling.

If you would like to talk to me about how I can help you with finding your way out of the cycle of stuckness to the place of Hiraeth, please contact me on 0409396608 or nan@plentifullifecounselling.com.au

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