Welcome to your
Plentiful Life Journey

Just as buttress roots support the tree, you can learn to support your life and live it more plentifully.

When you're tired of trying to solve your problems on your own and getting nowhere, 

you want the help of an experienced counsellor

We provide counselling services for

Grief and loss

Manage the disorienting effects of grief

Support as you make sense of your loss

Strengthen your skills in life

Facilitate your forward progress into the rest of your life

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Life's problems

Manage those times when things spin out of control

Facilitate the development of healthy skills

Overcome the confusion that traps you in a destructive cycle

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Learn how to calm the panic

Heal the wounds of the past

Gain control over your memories

Learn how to live and play                                 

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Counselling can help you

to gain control of your life

The whole you

With my extensive experience and training, I've been helping individuals and couples overcome the challenges that impede a full life for over a decade.

I use a trauma informed approach. I work from a holistic view that sees all of you in the present and all of your life in the past that is impacting on your difficulties today.

A better you

With extensive training in grief, loss and trauma from leading experts in the field, I have the skills to help you:

Experience more calm in your life

Be more self-compassionate

Feel supported and understood

Develop skills to feel more secure and in control

Heal from the pain of the past

Trauma informed care follows six principles:

  1. Safety: clients need to feel secure
  2. Trust: the carer must be dependable and open
  3. Choice: the client gets a real say in their care plan
  4. Collaboration: the carer should work together with the client
  5. Empowerment: the client makes the decisions about their own life
  6. Respect for diversity: any special requirements for the client need to be recognised and accomodated

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