Life's problems

From the desk of Nan Cameron

Founder, Plentiful Life Counselling

How I support through Life's Problems

Children need to learn healthy skills their caregivers may not be able to teach them. They need to know they are intrinsically good and the bad things that happen to them are not their fault.

Teenagers need to know that this new person emerging in their body is fantastic and capable of learning great skills for adulthood, which I can teach them. They need to know how wonderful they are.

Likewise, young adults taking those first steps in adult life need background support to have the confidence to step out in life confidently. They need support and understanding as they learn and put into practice healthy life skills.

More mature adults need support too. They may never have had the chance to learn these skills, to be able to manage life events without spinning out of control and step out of destructive cycles. You are never too old to learn those new skills. It is never too late to get help learning them.

Many people don’t realise the influences in their childhood affect their way of living life. I didn’t realise I was abused until I grew up and started learning about healthy families and realised mine was definitely not healthy.

Have you have started to understand you didn’t get the care you wanted when you were a child?

Did you long to be treated differently by your family?

Did you feel anxious and unable to cope?

I am passionate about helping you to learn the skills you never learned and discover what an amazing person you are. I want you to be able to lead your best life in happiness and contentment.

I want you to understand what is happening to you and to be empowered to be assertive in setting boundaries for yourself to allow you time and space to grow and be you.

I want you to be kind to yourself.

I want you to understand that it is possible to live a better life that is not at the mercy of the things that happen around you.

Why I support you with your Life Problems

I have struggled with my own set of life problems. I can relate to those times when things spin out of control because I have experienced that too.

I had a difficult childhood with a father who randomly exploded into abusive anger and a mother who did everything she could to put me down. I had no one to support me or teach me how to manage those spin out times or prevent them happening. I also never learned that I had the right to set boundaries and say “no” until I was an adult.

I also was taught I was bad and that was shameful. The reality is the adults in my life lacked the skills to accept blame for their own actions, instead blaming and shaming me into believing I was defective.

It has taken many years to learn healthy boundaries, that I was not responsible for the behaviour of my parents, to let go of shame and to learn new, healthier ways of being.

I care that you are struggling and need unconditional acceptance, to be seen as the amazing person you are (believe me, you are) and to learn healthy skills to enable your life to be more in control.

Why I am good at what I do

I have experienced these problems and learned how to be in control of my life:

Each perspective has provided valuable insight into the experience of others.

I care that you get help to know and like yourself.

I care that you know you are a wonderful person, not weird or defective.

I care that you get the support you need from someone objective enough to focus on you and empathic enough to delight in you.

I can’t live your life for you or fight your battles but I know that it is not possible to make it through alone. Supporting you so that you are not alone is something I can do to help you.

I listen to you, but I also have other tools I use. Art, sandplay, poetry and journaling are examples of these.

How I can help

Strengths I bring to my work

I am sincere, down to earth and a skilled therapist. I have been successfully helping people for over 10 years.

I care about people. My entire adult life has involved working with people because I care.

I take my work seriously because I want to be the best help for you that I can. This includes ensuring I am as skilled as possible in my work. I have both a bachelor and master degree in counselling, and have training in teaching the skills of regulation, setting boundaries, communication and more.

I want you to walk into my room and feel accepted and heard. I want to collaborate with you.

I want to you be able to communicate with me so that I can communicate back to you what I understand you are saying so you can know I am hearing you.

I want to teach you things you might not know about how common what you are experiencing is. In this way you can know you are not a freak.

I don’t want to shut you down. Instead I want to give you the space to express yourself.

We work together collaboratively. I respect you as a person and client. You are the expert in your life. We will sit together and work out how and what you want.

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Do not use your pain body for identity painting
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Life is about choices that you can make

If you look at my logo you will see a girl stepping out enthusiastically. She has her head slightly back, her arms back and her chest forward as the steps out into the future. You can see from the way her hair, dress and scarf are flying behind her that she is stepping into the wind.

This girl is making a choice to walk into the wind. She is stepping into whatever life throws at her.

Sure, it is easier to walk with the wind behind you, but that wind will take you places you don’t necessarily want to go. This is the path of least resistance. The path that buffets you and spins you around. The path where you have no control.

If you choose to step into the wind. To face the force of the wind and strive forwards. You will find the power to take your life in the direction you want it to be in.

Every day you have a choice. Every moment of every day you have a choice. You can turn away and let the wind push you where it wants. You can choose to turn away in fear and look at the bleakness around you.

Or you can choose to walk where you want. Into the wind. Going where you want to go, not where life circumstances tell you is easier. You can choose to walk forward in confidence and delight at the wonders around you as you live your life, your way.

This is plentiful life. This is my wish for you.

Are you ready to turn into the wind and make positive changes in your life?

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Let me help you!

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