Paint your Soul

Would you like to learn how to paint what you carry inside?
Do you long to let go of the surface distractions and explore what you are really feeling?

I devised this course after finding the benefits of my own meditative painting practice. The course uses watercolour paints to allow you to express the messages of your soul. The meditative practice extends from meditation through painting to meditating on the finished painting.

Painting can express things that have no words, or too many words to express easily.

Splashes of paint, lines, dots, circles, random movements of the brush can express perfectly what your subconscious needs to say. And you don’t require any artistic ability to paint your soul.

In the high paced world you live in, balancing business and family life, you need to make a deliberate practice of destressing and spending time just being so that you can hear what your body needs you to know.

To keep going it is easy to stuff down all those little niggles and worries and convince yourself you are fine. But what you don’t deal with comes back to bite you. Burnout out, exhaustion and illness are very real impacts of not processing things.

Taking time to meditate and paint what comes up in your body is important for “clearing the decks” to allow you to keep going and maintain your health and vitality.

Painting what comes out of your body is easy. It is your private outlet. And it is peaceful and empowering. Over time you begin to see and understand patterns in what you paint. And you get better at tuning in to what your body is telling you.

You will be amazed and surprised at what you discover in your painting.

Life skills workshops

Grow in a safe, supportive environment

Why participate?

These workshops blend education with discussion, art, reflective exercises, interactive exercises, symbols and other expressive therapies. Participants can involve themselves as much or as little as they feel comfortable. These is no pressure for participants to share information about themselves.

Workshop series

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Peaceful communication (coming soon)

We live in a society where people are taught that going along with another person’s bad behaviour (not rocking the boat) is peaceful communication. But that is not peaceful communication – it is abuse! Peaceful communication is not conflict resolution. Peaceful communication is about respecting self and others, and having compassion for self and others.

Come along to this workshop to learn how to peacefully communicate!

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Storycatching group

Participants share the stories of their lives, and support one another in seeing the value of their lives.

Grief and loss support group

Allows participants to learn about their grief, learn they aren't mad (!), and share their journeys in a supportive environment.