Moving through the pain of grief

So many people feel they have to move through their grief fast. The people around them do – which is easier to manage if they didn’t love them as you did. There are no shortage of people telling you that you should be over it by now.

If you come to see me I will tell you that moving through the pain of grief is best done as slowly as you need. Take your time, don’t rush. Ignore the ignorant who tell you that you have to “get over it” quickly. Give yourself heaps of self compassion and understanding.

When someone you deeply love dies it upends your life, your world which includes everything, absolutely everything in it.

The old saying to live each day as it comes is vital at this time in your life. Just be present in the moment. Each moment is simple and also massive. Each moment carries with it peace or overwhelming feelings.

Just be present and prepared to take what comes.

It is helpful at this point to let go of your fear of crying in public. I understand that if you have children, or work with children, it can be frightening for them if you cry. Take this as an opportunity to talk to them about grief. About it being okay to cry because you are sad.

Take the time out whenever you can to cry. If in the moment it is not possible to do that find another time. Even if you have to excuse yourself and go cry somewhere. Don’t stop the tears for long.

Pay attention to your grief and allow it to be. Allow yourself to feel the pain. Allow yourself to have times when you don’t feel the pain.

Allow yourself to see in life the simplicity of love and its enduring nature throughout time.

In time you will find the courage to continue living and allow yourself to continue to love.

Can I Help?

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