plentiful life counselling

Counselling for individuals, families and children on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Do you want the life of your family to be more plentiful?

Hi. My name is Nan Cameron and I am the founder of Plentiful Life Counselling. I believe we all have the capacity to live plentiful lives but sometimes things get in the way of that and you can find yourself living a life that is restricted and painful. I am passionate about helping you in such situations to find the way back to the plentiful life you were born to live. I am excited about the opportunity to journey with you as you discover the strength you possess to live life to the full. I consider it an honour to be part of your journey.

The Counselling sessions are 50 minutes each and are aimed to give you an opportunity to explore difficulties in life in a non-threatening, affirming, listening environment. Through that exploration, it is possible to resolve the emotional impact of difficulties and to find effective ways you can move forward into a more plentiful life.

Much of our lives involves loss. It is not just the death of a loved one that causes grief. Moving house; moving interstate or internationally; separation; the death of a pet; the loss of a job are just some examples of the losses we face in our lives. Other losses include the loss of friends; a loss of body image due to illness, weight change and aging; changing schools of employment; or a change in financial circumstances. It is also possible to lose a sense of safety due to burglary, theft, assaults, car or other accidents; and traumatic events. I am particularly concerned about assisting children and adolescents to be able to adjust to the changes as it is often hard for them to understand and deal with change in their lives.

Another big area of loss is the loss of childhood associated with childhood trauma. It may be neglectful parenting, controlling parents, physical, verbal or sexual abuse. It may be the serious illness of a family member, financial hardship, being a refugee. All of these events can impact on the developing child and lead to difficulties in adulthood.

I have had extensive experience as a crisis line telephone counsellor with Salvo Care Line. I am also experienced in providing counselling support to adults and children in coping with change in their lives and working with children in both a counselling and mentoring capacity. I also run “Seasons” grief and loss programs for children and adults.

My qualifications are:

I have attended a number of workshops in Suicide Prevention, Self Harm, Parenting, Understanding children's Behaviour, Working to Support Families, Working with Children after Separation, Young People and Drugs, and Domestic Violence Prevention. I am currently studying for a Master of Counselling degree.