plentiful life counselling

Counselling for individuals, families and children on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

I am a former Registered Nurse with experience in mental health, critical care and aged care. I have seen the pain felt by families and my clients in such situations and am passionate to continue to support people in difficult situations as a counsellor.


Plentiful Life Counselling is suitable for people with a range of issues ranging from:

All you have to do to make an appointment with me is to email me on I look forward to journeying with you.

Area of specialisation

I specialise in life skills, childhood trauma, and grief and loss issues in adults and children in the Sunshine Coast. My practice is located at 30 King Street, Buderim. Changes in life involve loss that often leads to grief that is sometimes hard to deal with. This is particularly so for children. For this reason I work with children using both play and sandplay-based therapy approaches. I also work with adolescents and adults.

Treatment approach

I use a range of approaches including talking, play therapy, sand play, symbols, art and writing. These approaches work with all ages, although play, sand, art and writing (depending on age of child) are used exclusively in counselling children. Teenagers can benefit from symbols, art, writing, sandplay as well as talking, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and an Existential approach. Adults can use all these approaches. I also find a Solution Focused approach is very helpful with adults and teenagers.

I also run Life Skills workshops for teens and adults. These workshops provide some education as well as opportunities to explore each individual’s life difficulties in a supportive, nurturing, safe, group environment.