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Counselling for individuals, families and children on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

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Because we all have the capacity to live plentiful lives but sometimes things get in the way of that... and we then need counselling!

Announcing Plentiful Life Counselling

Plentiful Life Counselling is a new service based on the Sunshine Coast, North of Brisbane. Counselling appointments are available by contacting Nan Cameron.

Nan works with adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing difficulties in life. You may be needing to feel more confident or better about yourself. You may be grieving a loss in your life. You may be seeking ways to move forward in life after childhood trauma and abuse. Nan is also able to assist with parenting, self harm, body image issues, childhood trauma, suicidal ideation, post suicide grief, and helping people to move on with their lives after a crisis or traumatic event.

Childhood Trauma radio interview

Nan was interviewed on Brisbane radio station 4YYY FM, where she talked about the ongoing impact of childhood trauma on adult lives. Listen to a recording of the inteview here: