Talking to my loved one after death

It is not uncommon to want to talk to your loved one after death.

It is common for people to report feeling their loved one with them, dreaming about them, having conversations with them.

There are people who find they can’t get answers so they seek out people who say they can talk to their loved one for them.

In your search for meaning and the opportunity to say the goodbyes you didn’t have an opportunity to give, especially after a sudden death, seeking contact with your loved one is one option many people seek out.

I have been asked if it is harmful to seek to talk to a deceased loved one.

My answer? No and yes.

Many people find it comforting to visit a person who can connect them with their loved one, either directly or through them. For many this brings comfort.

It helps them to move forward with their grief. They learn to live without their loved one and find a new relationship with them and their memory.

For others the risk is that they become dependent on talking to their loved one. They never let go and stall in healing after their loss.

If you are in that position then my question to you is: when are you going to allow your loved one to rest peacefully? How is staying stuck helping you? How is staying stuck helping your family.

Life is there to be lived, not wasted.

The other risk is that sometimes the people they seek to help them talk to their loved one are not genuine. They are making up the messages they claim they are getting. These people see the bereaved as a way to make money and will relay fake messages from your loved one to you.

Talking to your loved one after death is something you may seek. And that is okay to do that. But be careful not to become dependent on these conversations. If you find you are unable to stop then it is time to seek counselling from a qualified Grief Counsellor.


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