Grief isn’t just for death

Most of my blogs are about the pain of losing someone you love. But grief isn’t just about someone you love dying.

It is also about:

• Romantic relationships that have ended

• Friendships that have ended

• Losing your job

• Losing your house

• Losing your car

• Losing a much loved pet

• Losing part of your body, being disfigured and losing your looks

• Losing your reproductive capacity

• Losing your community through moving away, migrating to another country, being a refugee, having your location destroyed by natural disaster

• Missing the certainty you once had

• Questioning your judgement

• Releasing who you once were

• Feeling lost and unanchored

• Losing traditions you loved

The list is endless.

Every one of these things has capacity to impact you in the same way the loss of someone who has died impacts you.

Everything you lose is an adjustment.

Everything you lose changes your sense of security in the world.

Everything you lose causes you to feel anxious and worried and very, very sad.

So be kind to yourself and take your loss and your reaction to it seriously.

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