Stop Gaslighting Yourself

It seems everyone is speaking about gaslighting.

First as a form of abuse

Then as a way to shut down victims.

Gaslighting is a common way to control people.

It is used every time you are told you are being too sensitive, or needy. Then there is the classic one “you are overreacting”. Or you are asking too much.


If this is the way you were treated as a child then you learn to be this way.

If you have been treated like this for a long period as an adult you can also learn to be this way.

You learn to gaslight yourself.


Today I want to remind you to just stop.

To stop and pay attention to the pain inside.

To stop and pay attention to the way you are speaking to yourself.

I want you to stop gaslighting yourself.


Stop and tell yourself these 4 things:

  1. You are not being too sensitive. It is more likely you don’t feel seen, heard or validated.
  2. You are not being too needy. It is more likely that you have genuine, valid needs that aren’t currently being met.
  3. You are not overreacting. It is more than likely this is a wound, a trigger or something that is deeply hurtful
  4. You are not asking too much. It is more than likely you are seeking love, consideration and respect. These are reasonable expectations in any relationship.

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