How do I learn to trust the world again?

This is a question many of my clients ask me.

Life was wonderful. Everything was so certain. Then this person you loved so much died.

Suddenly life was not so certain.

Trust in the certainty of life was shattered.

It was hard to feel safe.

It was hard to trust that other people that you loved would not also die.

Maybe you clung on to them more tightly.

Maybe you worried every time they were away from you.

Maybe you felt terrified or depressed.

Maybe you also feared your life would end too.

Maybe, as time went on and those people you also loved were still alive, you learned to trust a little bit again.

The uncertainty of life is one of the biggest Existential questions you have to face in life.

Nothing is more scary than uncertainty. Yet your life is uncertain. All life is uncertain.

To be uncertain is to feel unsafe.

It is scary.

It takes you outside your comfort zone into a place that is very uncomfortable.

Yet learning how to live with uncertainty is something you need to learn.

Those clients who turned their lost trust in the certainty of life around tell me this is what they did.

They accepted life is short and uncertain. They decided they were okay with that.

They decided to live each day.

They took risks and followed their dreams.

They rang a loved one and spoke to them. They visited a dear friend. They did the things they wanted instead of putting them off.

They determined they would live with enthusiasm, love with abandon and live each day with gratitude. Most of all, honour the memory of those you loved. Celebrate what you had.

Sometimes to achieve this you need help. This is where seeing a counsellor who works from an existential perspective can be of assistance.

I work from an existential perspective and have extensive experience in working with those who have lost loved ones.

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